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Background Checks in New York

New York background checks are not as straightforward as you think. There’s no master database with all the information you need – especially if you don’t have an unlimited budget. And there are a lot of information discrepancies depending on your city and county.

Below, we’ll break down background checks in New York – what it is, its different types, and how to get it done fast and at an affordable cost.

What is a Background Check?

An investigative background check is a process of investigating a subject’s background information for the purpose of verifying their trustworthiness and reliability for a task or position.

Different Types of New York Background Checks

Depending on what you need to know about the subject, there are a few different types of background checks in New York:

  • New York State employment background check – Otherwise known as “Employment Verification.” Verify a subject’s prior work experience, performance, and qualifications.
  • Criminal Record check – You may want to hire a criminal record investigator to help you review potential employees under the Fair Chance Act and other New York laws such as NY Corr L § 752.
  • Education Verification – Verify a subject’s educational qualifications.
  • Drug screening – Screen a subject for illegal drug use. This does not apply to Marijuana usage in New York in most cases.

Here’s the problem – conducting a deep investigative background check on a subject may be expensive, time-consuming, or both, depending on the intel you need. You may have to make calls to police stations, pay a commercial third-party “checker”, or review legalities surrounding hiring.

Consider hiring an expert to get comprehensive and accurate background checks in New York done faster, along with expert advice on what you should do next.

What is a Background Check Investigator?

A Private Investigator can investigate a subject on your behalf. All you need to do is state the information you require and leave it to the investigator to use their own resources to collect the data.

By the end of the investigation, you’ll receive a comprehensive background report on your subject, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Why Hire a Background Check Investigator?

Depending on the information you need, it may cost you a lot of time, money, or both to conduct a background investigation (especially if you accidentally receive false or outdated intel). As a Private Investigator with 10 years of public sector work, I have the resources and network to quickly compile comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date background reports on any subject.

In other words, I’ll get you the information you need faster, verified, and for an affordable cost. And unlike other services, I conduct background investigations manually to ensure that your report is of the highest quality. Request a free consultation if you want to know more.


There is no one giant database that tells you all arrests in New York or the United States. Instead, there are multiple sources you can check to find recent arrests for NY background checks.

Hiring a private investigator may save you time and money in the long run, depending on your goals.

It depends on the type of background check. For example, a driving record check goes back 5 years. A criminal record check can go back 7 years, depending on certain conditions. Check with your city and county government to find out.

An employment-related criminal background check in New York can go back 7 years, as long as the arrest did not lead to a conviction and the salary being offered is below $75,000. If neither of these conditions is met, the 7-year restriction is lifted. Note that there are further restrictions depending on the city of your business.

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